Small Business Marketing Strategy


Are you struggling to define who your ideal client is? Do you need some help understanding where you can find your ideal client, how to create Facebook ads for them, or create the content they’ll love that will lead them to buy your services?

If you’re finding it really hard to find out who your ideal client is and market specifically to them, we can help you finesses your ideal clients and build a marketing strategy to attract, engage and convert.

We’ll identify how to find your ideal client, the journey they’ll take to become an ideal client and how to create a content calendar specifically tailored to them.

how we can help

Helping you define who your ideal client is, where they consume media, where they interact with brands, what they like doing in their spare time and how to find them

The buying journey – how do they make purchase decisions? How do you identify the problem, suggest a solution and become their go-to business?

Bringing it all together to create a targeted content calendar and close the deal

A workbook for you to refer to when you’re refining your strategy


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