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Well, well, well…what a day.

I started this morning feeling a little deflated. I knew I had a call at 2.30 and wanted to join an ads strategy call at 1, but with childcare duties apart from 1-3.30, I highly suspected that was all I’d get done.

But after a trip to the Sealife Centre in Southend this morning, I dropped Ollie off at preschool, ready for action and with totally renewed drive.

I jumped on the ads call and my 2.30 cancelled, so I got my head down and managed to:

👉 Re-organise my ads funnel for

👉 Create FIVE new email campaigns for

👉 Fix some final website niggles on

👉 Follow up on four quotes I sent out last week.

👉 Confirm two jobs due to start in the next few weeks.

From ZERO to HERO in one morning.

Changing my mindset from down in the dumps and thinking I was going to have an unproductive day led to the most productive day I’ve had for ages was a total u-turn.

Fair enough, I actually managed to eek an additional three hours of work time out of my husband, but still the most productive five hours I’ve had for ages.

I’m totally ready for bed, but will lay my head back on that pillow feeling like I’ve utterly smashed it and probably drop off while reading one page of my book 😂.

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