Branding Workshop


Branding Workshop


Sunday 15th September, 9am-1pm

At Do It Like a Mother HQ, 861 London Road (opposite Chalkwell Park)


Our 4-hour branding workshop brings together three branding professionals to bring you a morning of workshops and tutorials whether you’re considering a re-brand or are just starting up and need to make an impact.

Clare Martin, Essex Marketing Services

Clare will offer an introduction to branding and how you can attract your ideal clients with the right visual elements. She will explain the importance of fonts, colours and looking into what resonates with the clients and customers you want to attract.

An intro session will be followed by a group creative session to help you choose fonts and colours that you will be able to use across your social media channels to be consistent and attractive you your customers.

Petra Blacklock, Photography by Petra

Petra is a lifestyle photographer specialising in portraiture. She will talk through pros and cons of using stock photos, benefits of collaborations and what to expect from using professional photographer. She will explain basic principles of composition and lighting to help you produce imagery that are relevent to your brand literally and symbolically, to capture attention and foster conversation.

She will conclude her talk explaining how to create visually appealing feed and them offer the opportunity for you to produce your own flatlay images with her art direction.

Camilla Bevington, Marketing Consultant

Camilla, freelance marketing consultant (ex HELLO! and Hearst magazines), will conclude the workshop by presenting ways on how you can bring your brand to life, through the voice of blogging and visually through Instagram. She’ll talk through factors to consider, dos and don’ts, how to create a content strategy and tackling those brain blocks on what to write about on your blog and social media channels.

All to help build your brand’s personality – to encourage following, engagement, sales, trust and loyalty. First impressions count for a lot in business, and a professional Instagram feed alongside your other marketing channels, is paramount for any small business.

Camilla will then host the final practical session of the workshop, bringing together the insight and previous practical breakout sessions from the workshop to help you practice the process to create a visually appealing (yet informative/beneficial) Instagram Grid.

BONUS** You will each be able to take advantage of a free branding brainstorm with either Clare, Petra or Camilla at a time that is convenient for you. 

Marketing your own business shouldn’t be a chore or a time consuming admin job, and in this workshop you will learn tips and tools on how to make your marketing efforts (and in your time available) work for you and your business.

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