Intense one-day consultancy session


Our one-day, intense digital marketing session will identify where you should be focusing your attention to build your brand. It’s tailor-made for your business and is seven hours of mentoring and marketing consultancy on the areas that matter most to YOUR BUSINESS. This is the ULTIMATE investment in your small business and will form the foundation to your entire marketing strategy.

the Intense one-day marketing super-session is developed for your particular business, but could include:

Identifying your Ideal Client

During this two-hour session, we will scope out four ideal clients for you to focus on, and develop a month’s worth of content ideas for you to get up and running.

Developing a Branding Strategy

If you’re struggling to develop a coherent brand across your marketing channels, we can assess its impact in this session. We can put together some logo and branding ideas and social media graphics.

Social Media Marketing

If you opt to include this module, we will start building a social media strategy, including putting together ideas for organic audience and engagement building, plus paid social media campaigns.

Email Marketing

The email marketing part of the day session will include coming up with an idea for an email marketing campaign, including building your list, plotting out the funnel and setting it up in Mailchimp.

Website & SEO

Whether you need help with your organic search strategy or paid strategy, this session is able to analyse your website and we can work together to improve it or build out campaigns for paid search (Google Ads).


£ 795
  • 8-hours of 1-2-1 consultancy
  • Includes lunch
  • Bespoke built programme for your business


£ 1495
  • 10-hours of 1-2-1 consultancy
  • Includes lunch, dinner, overnight stay, spa
  • Limited availability

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