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Struggling to get your website seen on Google?

Intimidated by Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), but don't have the budget to pay hundreds a month for a marketing expert to fix it for you?

This search engine optimisation (SEO) course is a step-by step beginner’s guide to help you audit your website so you can find out why you’re perhaps not getting the traffic you deserve, developing a keyword strategy and fixing any problems that have surfaced from your audit.

Each lesson includes between 1 and 3 hours’ of videos, tutorials and assignments to help you understand how to audit and boost your website to move up the Google rankings for the keywords your customers are looking for.

There’s absolutely no other course you need to help your website rank in Google.

SEO has a reputation for being a pretty complicated subject, but it doesn't have to be so difficult. This course breaks down the complication and makes SEO easier to understand so you can make sure your website is beating your competitors' in Google search.