How to identify and attract ideal clients

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Do you feel like marketing your small business is an uphill struggle?

One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make is not pursuing their ideal clients, but instead trying to target everyone in the hope one will convert. But it's wasting TIME - something you probably don't have as a small business.
Identifying your ideal client and then targeting them on the platforms THEY USE is the only way to boost your business, without the effort.

But where do you start? This ideal client and marketing plan course will take you through building your ideal client personas (or Avatars) and breaking down all the factors that MAKE THEM BUY FROM YOU.

You’ll learn how to build a marketing strategy, create a content calendar and forget about labouring over what to write to convert your ideal clients into PAYING CUSTOMERS.

Marketing a small business isn’t rocket science – it’s the perfect balance of targeting and creativity, getting into the minds of your customers and empathising with them to lead them to your solution.

Marketing plans are a minefield, but this easy-to-understand online course will take you through the steps to create a marketing plan that will help you SUCCEED online. Whether you're using Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging or email marketing, by the end of the course, you will know how to get your message to the masses.