Don't have time to build your small business? Our small business marketing consultancy service will help grow your brand, with a totally personalised plan for YOUR brand.

If you’re just launching your small business or have been building it over the last few years, we can offer small business marketing consultancy to assess where you need help and offering recommendations for growth. We can then manage your marketing for you, at rates you can afford.


Our small business maketing consultant service begins with a free consultation, where we will talk through your business to get to know what you’re hoping to achieve a little better. Is it more clients or customers? Is it launching a new product or service? Is it building loyalty?

We can then assess the success of your current marketing strategies and suggest some solutions, whether that’s properly identifying your ideal clients and coming up with a marketing plan, growing your email list and putting together an email marketing strategy, looking into some paid advertising (Facebook/Instagram or Google Ads) or revamping your branding or website. We are able to manage these marketing elements for you, or suggest courses/workshops to teach you the skills to manage them yourself.

Our small business consultancy services will help you have more clarity about your marketing strategy and with a little help, you can watch your business grow.

identifying your ideal client

Your ideal client forms the basis of your entire small business marketing strategy. If you don’t know who you’re selling to (or who you WANT to sell to), you will struggle to attract and convert them into paying customers.

But working out who you want to sell to and what they’re interested in can be a bit of an uphill struggle. That’s why we have developed an online course to help you identify who your ideal clients are, with an entire strategy to attract, engage and convert them.

We also offer a 1-2-1 ideal client workshop if you’d rather we work through identifying your ideal clients together.

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