Getting the best out of LinkedIn

LinkedIn for business does what it says on the tin – it connects people. Mainly it connects businesses to other businesses, but is fast becoming much more than that. The network is also being used for brand awareness, providing career opportunities, driving business and conversion results, as well as gaining and educating potential clients about […]

Tips for Instagram Stories

In the latest chapter of social media is the Instagram Story – the question for your small business though, may be how do you tell a good Instagram Story from a bad one? The story function can be found at the top of the timeline on your Instagram timeline. By holding down on the circle […]

Digital marketing – latest top trends

Digital marketing – don’t fear it The digital age is ever-evolving. One slurp of your morning latte later, and there’s another new way consumers are searching or viewing for products and services. All business owners will realise the importance of marketing, and with the continuing growth of digital marketing, it’s vital to keep up to […]

Five Social Media Services You Might Want To Use For Your Business

When it comes to marketing a small business, most of us have jumped on the social media bandwagon and have a variety of accounts across several platforms. Facebook and Instagram are the most popular places for businesses to promote themselves, with Twitter coming a close second. However, there are a few lesser-used services that many […]

Running a Google Paid Ad Campaign – all you need to know as a small business

Nothing comes for free, right? The same can go for marketing your small business. It may be time for a paid ad campaign. Paid Ad Campaigns do pay off Organic SEO meta data throughout your website and social media will of course increase your long-term searchability, and should be continued. However, you may also find […]

Do It Like a Mother Website Redesign

Established Essex motherhood brand Do It Like a Mother was expanding and needed a shiny new website to promote all the new brand extensions it was plotting. Keri approached to completely revamp her existing site. Although built on WordPress, the previous website was built using a blog template with limited functionality, meaning it was limiting […]

Sharing the same post on different social media platforms – the rules

Am I right to post the same message on different social media platforms? “I have heard that sharing the same post on different social media platforms actually dilutes your reach-is this true.” A frequently asked question at EMS. The answer is not black and white. It’s important to share messages, news and posts on all […]

Are These Customer Service Faux Pas Driving Business Away?

Running a small business can sometimes make you feel a little bit like a one-man (or woman!) band – as well as performing all of the main tasks which keep your business afloat, there’s all of the other functions which bigger businesses have whole departments for. Things like payroll, staff scheduling, stock management and customer […]

Why You Should Use a Professional Copywriter for your Business Blog

If there’s one major trend we should all be following for our small business marketing, it’s uploading content to a business blog. 2018 has been the year of content creation, and for very good reason – creating content is cost-effective, allows you to give your company personality and helps to establish and build relationships with […]

Redeveloping your branding doesn’t have to be a headache

Running a company is hard work. Full stop. There’s always something to do. And now it’s time for a rebrand. It could be because feedback shows your current branding is out of date, especially on the website. Or the content on the site doesn’t quite fit to the business ideal any more. Or you simply […]

How to use Facebook ads

You’re ready to promote your brand and find your ideal clients. You’ve got a Facebook page, you’ve set up your ads account and you’re ready to start spending money to get customers flocking to your website or your page. But wait! There’s more to it than just chucking something together in the hope your potential […]

How to audit your website

Back in the ‘old days’, if you wanted a local window cleaner or carpenter, you opened Yellow Pages and laboriously scrolled through to find what you wanted in alphabetical order. Fast forward to the present and all you need to do is pick up your tablet or phone and search which service you require and where […]

On-Page vs. Off-Page SEO: What’s the difference?

Every company, be they large or small, should care about their search engine ranking. It’s the key to driving visitors and ultimately revenue to your business’s door. There are many things to consider when search engine optimisation is being discussed, and there are many strategies a company can implement to enhance their performance, but one […]

What is Google My Business and why should you claim your free listing?

There are many strategies you can implement when looking to improve your online presence and search engine listing, some complex and some simple. One of the most important things to do if you’re a local business, also happens to be one of the most straightforward (and free) – ensure that you have a Google My […]

Marketing Monday: Joanne Salmon Virtual PA

Joanne Salmon is a virtual PA working in Essex and enlisted Essex Marketing Services’ support to help her get her new business off the ground. Six months in, her business is flying and she’s almost at the stage where she can quit her day job to focus on her virtual PA business full time.

How to get over your fear of Facebook Lives

If you spend any time at all on social media, you’ll very likely have seen a ‘Facebook Live’ session, either while it’s in action or once it’s finished. Facebook Lives are a way for people to record video and broadcast it live through Facebook, and then save it to a page once the broadcast has […]

The best page builders for WordPress

Everyone who uses WordPress wants a site that looks accessible and professional but very few people possess the technical skills required to build such a thing. There are ways of ensuring that your site still looks sharp without booking yourself onto an intensive design course, thankfully.

The importance of social media planning

According to Statista, 22% of the world’s population is on Facebook and 81% of millennials check Twitter at least once a day. LinkedIn boasts more than 520 million users and Pinterest accounts for 25% of all retail website referral traffic. These numbers aren’t to be taken lightly. But how can you take advantage of these […]

Why a Marketing Plan is Key for 2018

The world of advertising is almost unrecognisable from even as recently as ten years ago – rather than finding products and services through print adverts or traditional media, people are far more likely to be influenced by social media, which means that your marketing plan needs to adapt accordingly, even if social media isn’t really […]

Should you pay for social media advertising?

Whilst it’s safe to say that the majority of businesses these days have an element of social media output in their digital communications strategy, is it as straightforward as it seems to set up a paid campaign? And does it provide the right kind of ROI? The truth is, it’s really just trial and error.

Five brands that do blogging the right way.

There are two ways that brands use blogs and social media. The first way is, for want of a better word, cynical. They are companies that sporadically post content – usually only when they have a new line or product to promote – and rarely reach out to their consumer-base, save for the occasional dry […]

Facebook should never be the ‘third’ social network

A few years ago, I found myself working with a number of clients who were Facebook-averse. They simply did not understand why their business should be using Facebook  alongside LinkedIn and Twitter (what they considered to be the ‘business’ networks) and certainly didn’t understand why they should invest in Facebook ads.

How To Find Influencers in Your Niche

Marketing in the 21st century means that at least some of your budget should be dedicated to getting your product or service mentioned by online influencers. This could mean people who have a good following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even through a blog or YouTube.
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