Digital marketing – latest top trends

Digital marketing – don’t fear it The digital age is ever-evolving. One slurp of your morning latte later, and there’s another new way consumers are searching or viewing for products and services. All business owners will realise the importance of marketing, and with the continuing growth of digital marketing, it’s vital to keep up to […]

Five Social Media Services You Might Want To Use For Your Business

When it comes to marketing a small business, most of us have jumped on the social media bandwagon and have a variety of accounts across several platforms. Facebook and Instagram are the most popular places for businesses to promote themselves, with Twitter coming a close second. However, there are a few lesser-used services that many […]

Running a Google Paid Ad Campaign – all you need to know as a small business

Nothing comes for free, right? The same can go for marketing your small business. It may be time for a paid ad campaign. Paid Ad Campaigns do pay off Organic SEO meta data throughout your website and social media will of course increase your long-term searchability, and should be continued. However, you may also find […]

Do It Like a Mother Website Redesign

Established Essex motherhood brand Do It Like a Mother was expanding and needed a shiny new website to promote all the new brand extensions it was plotting. Keri approached to completely revamp her existing site. Although built on WordPress, the previous website was built using a blog template with limited functionality, meaning it was limiting […]

Sharing the same post on different social media platforms – the rules

Am I right to post the same message on different social media platforms? “I have heard that sharing the same post on different social media platforms actually dilutes your reach-is this true.” A frequently asked question at EMS. The answer is not black and white. It’s important to share messages, news and posts on all […]

Are These Customer Service Faux Pas Driving Business Away?

Running a small business can sometimes make you feel a little bit like a one-man (or woman!) band – as well as performing all of the main tasks which keep your business afloat, there’s all of the other functions which bigger businesses have whole departments for. Things like payroll, staff scheduling, stock management and customer […]
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